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RichardTromboneCamp! is now the Santa Fe Trombone Camp. The annual retreat brings High School and college trombonists together to work on trombone solo literature, orchestral excerpts and to play chamber music together. Hosted by the New Mexico School of the Arts in downtown Santa Fe New Mexico, the camp runs from Friday July 19th through Sunday July 21st. Daily group warm ups are followed by masterclasses where students will perform for their peers and be coached by faculty. The afternoons will involve chamber music coaching and there will be a final concert for family, guests and the community on July 21st.




University of Texas

University of Denver






New Mexico School of the Arts

The New Mexico School for the Arts is a public, statewide high school that serves young artists with a rigorous, award-winning arts training and academic program. It's new building was opened in 2019 and is a state of the art facility. We are so proud to be partnering with NMSA for the 2024 Santa Fe Trombone Camp!

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